Thursday, January 24, 2013

While We're At It...

In hardware news this week, at long last, the Microsoft Surface Pro will hit stores on Febuary 9th. Some 7 months after it was announced. Still not sure what the difference is between the new Pro model and the RT model that has been out for months? The biggest difference for consumers is that the Surface Pro will run Windows 8 Pro, which allows you to run full regular and legacy Windows programs, were as Windows RT runs only programs made specifically for it. Prices will range from $899 for the 64Gb version and $999 for the 128Gb model. (Btw, these prices do not include the nifty Typecover that's been in all the commercials. Add another $130 for that or save some cash and use your own keyboard)

Seagate's Wireless Plus 1Tb wireless storage drive could the answer to your mobile media library prayers. With a terrabyte of storage, 10 hours or more of battery life, and the ability to connect to up 8 wireless clients (seperate wireless devices) you can take a huge library of images, documents and video with you almost anywhere. For a detailed review check out Cnet HERE

And while you're there. Check out this cool article on ways to hack your Netflix account. There are some interesting tricks to get the most out of your Netflix membership, but the easiest and maybe most useful is this website. lists what's new and interesting on Netflix more quickly and simply then Netflix own site, and even tells you what videos are about to expire so you can't check them out before they're gone! Read the rest of the story at CNet  

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