Sunday, March 24, 2013

Back To Stock: Tired of a those gimics cluttering your Android phone? The Verge has you covered.

For most Android users, your phone's User Interface (UI) isn't as clean and simple as the nice folks at Google intended. What you have is what the maker of your particular phone thought the UI should look like to stand out from all the other Android phones out at the time. Now I happen to like the version of HTC Sense that came with my HTC Inspire a year and a half ago when I bought it (yeah, almost time for an upgrade) but an update about six months ago changed the lock screen, and I hate it.

Thankfully Android allows you to change the UI yourself, and lots of software makers have come up with solutions to your interface issues. The good people at The Verge have some cool tips to fix a few of the most common gripes with manufacturer altered UIs (including Lock Screens and Keyboards) and a lot of them are free!

Check it out at The Verge ... Full Story

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