Monday, March 11, 2013

Gaming Review: EA's Real Racing 3

I noticed, a days ago, that EA Games (makers of Need for Speed: Most Wanted) have a new driving game for Android. (Okay, I'm waylate on this, but A.) Nobody tells me this stuff ahead of time and B.) It's a 1.7 Gb download and I have DSL so it takes forever.)

Anyway, I got around to downloading it, because I love racing games, and I was curious about the claim that it was a realistic racing game with no Nitrous, no Slow-mo, no gimics. Well, after the lengthly download, the game loads up and the opening animatic plays. Already the graphics look great (Haven't messed with the settings to see just how high is up, yet). Maybe not top of the line new console great, but really great for a mobile game. Once gameplay starts, it lives up to it's claim. You can upgrade the cars and buy new cars with in-game cash, but unlike other past EA titles, you also have to maintain the cars you have by changing the oil, replacing the tires and repairing in-game damage.

Also, this game uses Time Shifted Multiplayer. This feature lets you race against the times of other racers though the game does adjust their performace so that you can interact with the other cars.

Overall, after just an hour or so of gameplay, I have to say it's a good game, good graphics, fun gameplay.

That said, there is at least one thing I found annoying. When you do required maintenance, there's a time delay. what I mean is when you select change oil from the maintenance menu you have to wait 5 minutes while the oil is being changed, or sacrifice in-game rewards points to have it done now. That would get old fast if you have alot of maintenance to do.

Other then that, good game, I can see it being alot of fun on a slow tuesday night. BTW, did I mention that it's FREE! For that price, lets call it awesome!

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