Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Roku 3 hits stores today

Roku released their newest streaming player today. For those not familiar with the Roku, it's a set top streaming media player, similar to Apple TV or Google TV. You plug it into your TV set and stream internet video services like Netflix or Amazon Instant Video straight to your TV. I've had the Roku 2 XS for over a year now and while I expected it to be a novelty, I have to say I love it. Roku really let's you get your moneys worth out of Netflix or Amazon Instant Video while leaving your computer or tablet free for other things.
The new Roku 3 looks to make things even better with an enhanced User Interface and a faster processor. It also adds new features like a head phone jack in the wireless remote control so you can listen to Pandora Internet Radio without disturbing others in the house or watch a movie or TV show without others disturbing you! How cool is that? Also, with a faster processor, the Roku 3 may finally be able to add the one thing that's truly been missing from the device, an official YouTube app. ( the company has said that in the older models, watching YouTube videos was a "disappointing experience" so an official app was never released)
With 750 channels of streaming content and counting ( including Netflix, Amazon Instant, HBO GO, Crackle, Hulu Plus, Pandora, AOL On, Disney, Smithsonian, CNET, SyFy and lots more) Roku has been a favorite of many, even over bigger name models from Apple, Google, and Sony (plus Apple TV doesn't get HBO Go and many other channels). The new model also comes preloaded with Angry Birds: Space (The older XS model came with the original Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons is available for free download in the Channel Store). If you don't own a streaming player, but are interested in getting one, I highly recommend getting the new Roku 3, it may be the best streaming player yet.
And if you already have a Roku 2, there is good news for you too, the company says that the new user interface will be available for download in April.

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