Thursday, March 7, 2013

The White House Agrees with You: Cell Phone Unlocking should be Legal

A while back I did an article on the recent ruling by the Library of Congress, that unlocking your cell phone so that it can be used on a different carriers network is now illegal. I knew this was gonna be a hot button issue, I even signed an online petition to reconsider the decision ( and as a rule, I usually don't sign petitions ) and so did 114,321 others who were no doubt as pissed as I was.

Well folks, It appears that the Obama administration agrees with those of us outraged because we can't use a device that we have already paid for on the carrier of our choosing. The White House even sent out an email to signers of the petition, pledging it's support to find a legislative fix to the problem.

So, what does this mean? Well don't go unlocking your old phone just yet, because even though the White House is on the case, a legal solution may be months away ( it's not like the folks in Washington don't have bigger problems right now, like... um, part of the federal government shutting down for budget reasons ). The up side is that at least the government has finally acknowledged that the cell phone company's and manufacturers have been, on some level, violating your basic rights as a property owner for years by telling you what service you can and can not use after you are no longer financially or contractually obligated to them anymore. The FCC is currently reviewing the issue to determine the best course of action and has urged the Library of Congress to reconsider and seek a better solution.

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