Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dell goes private in a 24 Billion dollar bid to turn the company around

Michael Dell, founder of the famous but recently flagging PC manufacturer, has rounded up a group of investors to buy out all of the stock in the publicly traded company. While the PC market has been hit hard in recent years with the growing popularity of smartphones, tablets, and ultrabooks, Dell's market share has suffered more then most. Dell hopes that, by privatizing the company he can cast off the current board and reform the company before the former PC giant becomes totally irrelevent.

I can't help but remember that 10 years ago, when I ran my last blog (, Dell briefly made some of the best Windows Mobile based PDA's on the market, but when the Smartphone trend killed the PDA market, Dell jumped ship. Dell made a few notable attempts (like the Dell Streak, which was an Android powered tweener device that was way too big to be a cell phone and too small to compete with the likes of the iPad) then bailed out of mobile tech all together (or so it seems).

My opinion is that Dell Computers has the chops to make a excellent product, now what they need is the stones to jump back into the mobile market and remind consumers why Dell used to be a big deal, and should be again!


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