Sunday, February 10, 2013

Epiphany One Puck may be the worlds coolest coaster...I mean Phone Charger

A Kickstarter project called the Epiphany One Puck maybe the coolest way to charge your phone ever, plus it keeps those unsightly ring off you coffee table. The gadget, which is still raising funds on Kickstarter (so there's still a chance to get in on the ground floor) uses difference in temperature to generate power to charge a mobile device (though no word yet on how it actually takes) so a cold beer or a hot cup of coffee or tea could charge your device while you relax. The basic technology behind this gadget is a 100 year old concept called the Stirling Engine, nice to see someone put it to good use finally! LOL.

(I could see a great secondary market selling these to bars and restraunts so patrons can top off there phones while they enjoy their favorite beverages)

CNET has more info, but I thought this idea was too clever (and funny) to pass up.

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