Saturday, February 9, 2013

Wikipad 7inch gaming tablet set for Spring 2013 launch

With all the news about gaming tablets in the last few months, I don't know how I missed this. The Wikipad is a 7 inch Android tablet built with gamers in mind. Specs will include a Nvidia Tigra 3 Quad+1 processor with a 12 core graphics chip, a 5 point multi-touch 16:10 IPS screen, 16 Gb of built in storage with Micro SD expansion, and best of all, a sled style dock with D pads, analog Joy Sticks and triggers for serious gaming. With a price tag of around $249.99 and more then enough muscle for both game and business use, I'll be keeping my eye on this on!

(A few more bonus factoids: The Wikipad will be on the first device enabled with Sony's Playstation Mobile service, allowing user to download versions of some popular PS titles. The divice is also supposed to boast 7 hours of continuous battery life (while playing video) for all day gaming and feature HDMI out via cable or wireless for gaming in full 1080p on a big screen.)

For more info check out Wikipad site

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