Saturday, February 9, 2013

Microsoft Surface Pro hits stores today

The full Windows 8 version of the Surface hits retail outlets today. If you've been intregued by the commercials and media attention, this is the version of the surface to get. Early adopters who shelled out for the already released Surface RT have been disappointed by the RT's inability to run full Windows applications and the somewhat limited selection of software titles on Microsoft's RT site, but the Pro shouldn't have these issues.

Reviewers have pointed out that some buyers may be dissappointed, however, by the Pro's short battery life compared to other tablet style devices and the fact that the snap on Touch or Type covers made famous by the commercials are not included with either version of the Surface (in fact, it's a $120 to $130 option on top of the Pro's $899 to $999 price tag).

While many casual observers may fear that Microsoft has priced themselves right out of the competition, it is important to remember one thing. That the Surface Pro isn't really a tablet, it's a touch screen ultra book in a 10 inch tablet format. That fact alone ups the price tag and puts the Surface in a category all it's own...for now.

The general option from most reviewers so far is that, while the Surface Pro is a fine device (and better, in many ways, then it's little brother, the Surface RT) it still needs work to be the big deal Microsoft wants it to be.

Sources: CNET, Wired

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